29 July 2018:
Three new Hoplapion.

02 December 2017:
Update of Curculionidae/Ceuthorhynchinae following a visit of P. Weill to E. Colonnelli.

07 January 2017:
New Curculionidae and update

26 October 2016:
Major update of the Curculionidae with over 70 more species collected by Patrick

01 November
Cyllorhynchites sarahae Biondi et al. 2013 published

26 October 2013:
A new weevil published:
Sitona cornutus Velázquez de Castro, 2009

04 March 2013:
A new weevil published:
Holcophloeus weilli Borovec& Meregalli sp. nov.

23 January 2013:
Carabidae update.

21 January 2013:
Cleridae updated. Two new additions: Calacalles kabylianus (Desbrochers, 1897)
and Lixus (Compsolixus) nubianus Capiomont, 1874.

31 December 2011:
Many new Carabidae collected by P. Weill in 2009-2010, 2 new Cleridae (Emmepus palidiennis and Necrobia ruficollis), 2 new Meloidae/Hycleus and Trox fabricii.

29 January 2011:
4 new Carabidae: Paussus (Katapaussus) thomsonii Reiche, 1860;
Cicindela (Cicindela) campestris Linnaeus, 1758;
Siagona europaea Dejean, 1826;
Heterocantha depressa Brullé, 1834.

24 December 2010:
Cerambycidae updated after P. Weill's return from Libya: Stromatium unicolor, Deroplia troberti and Calamobius filum.

05 January 2010:
Meloidae updated following
Bologna 2009: "The Meloidae (Coleoptera) of Libya: an annotated catalogue and description of three new species"

30 November 2009:
Blaps and Akis revised following study by Laurent Soldati in 2008. One new species, Akis rodolfi and one new sub-species, Blaps polychresta effeminata.

17 October 2009:
New additions, Curculionidae:
Hoplopodapion poupillieri (Wencker, 1864);
Phrissotrichum sicanum (Wencker, 1864); Helianthemapion velatum (Gestäcker, 1854); Ceratapion poggii Wanat, 1995; Taeniapion rufescens (Gyllenhal, 1833) ; Metapion squamosum (Faust, 1884); Holotrichapion ononis saturnium (Normand, 1937); Eustenopus hirtus (Waltl, 1838); Bangasternus planifrons (Brullé, 1832); Tychius (Tychius) capucinus Boheman, 1843; Geranorhinus brunneofasciatus Fairmaire, 1883; Geranorhinus pusillus Motschulsky, 1851.
New additions, others: Cephalota (Cassolaia) maura (Linnaeus, 1758); Enoplotarsus deserticola (Lucas, 1857); Euontophagus crocatus (Mulsant, 1865); Sicardia psammodiformis Reitter, 1896;

07 February 2009:
Larinus updated.

01 February 2009:
All Lixus updated.
New additions: Cyphocleonus morbillosus (Fabricius, 1792)
; Larinus elegans Desbrochers des Loges, 1897; Sitona (Sitona) puncticollis Stephens, 1831; Lixus (Compsolixus) albomarginatus Boheman, 1844; Lixus (Compsolixus) anguinus (Linnaeus, 1767); Lixus (Eulixus) brevirostris Boheman 1835 ; Lixus (Dilixellus) vilis (Rossi 1790); Prionolixus sp.; Microlarinus humeralis (Tournier, 1873).

19 January 2009:
Newly added Curculionidae: Donus (Antidonus) lunatus (Wollaston, 1854); Limobius mixtus (Boheman, 1834); Elasmobaris alboguttata (Ch. Brisout, 1870).

14 January 2009:
A new Leica CCD camera
now allows takingimproved picture (see, "Matériel photo). All pictures taken with this equipment will be indicated by a -LC in the date of creation of the page: e.g.
JCR 08/01/2009-LE.

The following species are newly added from P. Weill collection: Aspidapion radiolus radiolus (Marsham, 1802); Diplapion squamuliferum (Desbrochers, 1891); Lepidapion alfieri; Malvapion malvae (F., 1775); Kalkapion semivittatum semivittatum (Gyllenhal, 1833); Nanodiscus transversus (Aubé, 1850) ; Smicronyx (Smicronyx) albosquamosus Wollaston, 1854; Smicronyx (Smicronyx) rufipennis Tournier, 1874; Sibinia (Dichotychius) albosquamosa Pic, 1904; Assuanensius discoidalis (Tournier, 1873); Assuanensius marshalli (Heller, 1930); Melaleucus picturatus opiparis (Jacquelin du Val, 1852).

For those, the pictures have been changed:Tychius (Tychius) striatulus Gyllenhal, 1836; Smicronyx (Smicronyx) jugermanniae (Reich, 1797); Porocleonus candidus (Olivier, 1807); Sitona (Sitona) macularius (Marsham, 1802); Ceratapion libicum Wanat, 1995

10 October 2007:
A paper about Tingidae in Libya by P. Weill.

11 May 2007:
Onitis ringenbachi described by Denis Keith.

23 November 2006:
Scarabaeoidea corrected and completed, all picture changed.

06 October 2006:
Caulostrophus ringenbachi published at Curci: Pelletier et al. (2006).

23 September 2006:
Some Meloidae determined by M. Bologna.

17 Septembre 2006:
Last species of Buprestidae indentified by M. Gigli: Habroloma triangularis Lacordaire, 1835; Paracylindromorphus pinguis (Fairmaire, 1878) and Sphenoptera (Chrysoblemma) chobauti Abeille de Perrin, 1897.

08 July 2006:
Buprestidae revised and completed with new photos for all species.

26 April 2006:
Meloidae section completed with still some species to be determined.

04 April 2006:
Meloidae partly revised: down to Hycleus brunnipes.

24 February 2006:
Sama et al. (2005): "A preliminary survey of the Cerambycidae of Libya" linked.
Curletti (1995): description of Agrilus grandiceps cyrenaicus.

07 January 2006:
Sepidium tricuspidatum and penicilligerum determined by Noël Mal.

30 November 2005:
Update of Tenebrionidae: finalised with the Tenebrioninae. All the pictures of the prepared Tenebrionidae have been replaced by clearer ones with better field depth.

10 November 2005:
Ongoing update of Tenebrionidae: Eurychorini, Stenosini, Asidini, Sepidini, Akidini, Leucolaephini, Pimeliini.
New slides shows on other insect families.

18 October 2005:
Ongoing update of Tenebrionidae: Adesmiini.
Habitats: Cyrenaica section completed.

02 October 2005:
Ongoing update of Tenebrionidae: Erodiini, Zophosini, Himatismini and Tentyriini done.
Papers for Paratassa ringenbachi and Haplantaxia ringenbachi linked.

15 July 2005:
Carabidae section almost complete: 4-5 more species still to be validated and some corrections to come.
One more Cleridae collected by P. Weill: Corynetinus fimetarius Woll.
Achradidius syriacus Boh., det. by J. Pelletier.

17 April 2005:
Uploading of Archaeology section.
Bibliography for Entomology and Archaeology.

09 April 2005:
New family added: Curculionidea collected in 2001-2004.

17 February 2005:
For more convenience, the site has been moved to Free at

It has also been simplified by removing the heavy flash animations. It is now 100% html.
The Cerambycidae part is now complete. Buprestidae are close to completion while work on other families is still ongoing. Cleridae are done, but not yet validated by a specialist. The list for Tenebrionidae has been finalised by Piero Leo, but more illustrations will come. An updated version has been provided by Enzo Colonnelli for the Curculionidae and he is still working on the determination of some species. Jan Muiljwik has finished the identification of most species, but the pages still have to be done.
The main pages for the habitats are now here and some typical habitats are illustrated.
Archaeology will come very soon.

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