Anthia (Termophilum) sexmaculatum Fabricius, 1787
Anthia sexmaculatum

Distribution: North Africa from Egypt to Atlantic
Tripolitania, Cyrenaica, Fazzan and Kufrah.
Size: 21-39 mm

Tripolitania: Wadi Suf Ajjin, 16/08/2003, JCR Leg.; Suq al Ahad, 27/02/2004, JCR Leg.; South Surman, 02/03/2005, PW Leg.; South Dirj, 29/03/1977, PW Leg.
Fazzan: Al Awrer (Messak Sattafet), 25/10/2002, JCR Leg.; Terhin (Messak Sattafet), 19/10/2001, JCR Leg.
Widespread, nocturnal but isolated individual may be active in day time.

JCR 28/12/2003

Anthia sexmaculatum
Anthia sexmaculatum