Macrotoma palmata (Fabricius, 1792)
Macrotoma palmata
Size: 25-65 mm.
Host plant: Acacia tortilis, A. nilotica, A. scorpioides, Morus alba, Albizzia lebbek.
Life cycle: Several years, adults in October in Libya.
Africa, from Egypt to Cape and Abyssinia to Senegal. Mauritania, Mauritius, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Morocco and Algeria.
New record for Libya, Fezzan and Tripolitania.

Fezzan: although its impressive damages have been observed throughout the Messak and Akakus ranges imagos are difficult to find. Messak Settafet: 1 male, Wadi Erawen, 12-X-2001; 1 male Terhin, 18/10/2001; 1 dead female in hatching hole, Wadi Tiksatin, 23/10/2002.
Tripolitania: damages in several wadis in the vicinity of Ghirza in eastern Hamada al Hamra (Tripolitania). 3 dead females in a large Acacia trunk, of which only the depicted one (right) was still in good shape.

JCR 05/12/2003

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Macrotoma palmata
Macrotoma palmata
Females are often found dead in hole. The one to the right in Wadi Tiksatin died at the edge of the hole and was still soft when collected. The one to the left, near Ghirza died at least a year ago.