Nathrius brevipennis (Mulsant, 1839)
Nathrius brevipennis
Size: 4-7 mm.
Host plant: Polyphagous on dead twigs of dominantly broadleave trees.
Life cycle: 1years, adults in May-July.
Originally considered West Mediterranean, now cosmopolitan.
New record for Libya, Cyrenaica and Tripolitania.

Cyrenaica: Wadi bel Gadim (Shahat),30/05/2004 and 09/06/2004, ex larva from Ceratonia siliqua. R'as al Hilal, 22/05/2005, P. Weill Leg.
Tripolitania: Al Aziziyah, 14/05/2005, P. Weill Leg.

JCR 04/06/2004

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