Polyarthron pectinicorne (Fabricius, 1792)
Polyarthron pectinicorne
Size: M-20-36 mm, F-25-44 mm.
Host plant: Phoenix dactylifera
Life cycle: Larvae feed on roots. Adults in August-September.
Sahelo-saharan species known from Libya and Ennedi (north-eastern Chad) westwards to the Atlantic coasts (Mauritania and Senegal) and from the oasis of Bou Saada and Biskra (Algeria) soutwards to Senegal, northern Nigeria and Tchad.

Fezzan: Ghat 31/08-01/09/2003. Males were attracted by the city lights and common. Only two females were found drowned in an small irrigation pool.
These specimens can be related to the ssp. fairmairi PIC.

JCR 05/12/2003

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Polyarthron pectinicorne