Steraspis squamosa (Klug, 1929)
Steraspis squamosa
Size: 31-38 mm
Host plant: Tamarix, Rhus tripartita, Acacia?
Distribution: Sahara north of Sahel from Red Sea to Mauritania. Algeria, Morocco, Fazzan, Egypt, Syria

Collected in Wadi Aramat (Libyan side of Tassili) where many of them were flying high around Acacia tortilis (11/10/2003) together with Julodis fimbriata, but in smaller quantity. Mateu (1972) reports doubts about the host plant, the Acacia being uncertain. The live species is clearly attracted by Acacia tortilis (feeding) whereas none where flying around the Tamarix in this wadi despite their greater abundance.

An old post made of Tamarix wood in the palm grove of Ghat presenting numerous hatching holes in which a dead S. speciosa has been found tend to confirm Tamarix as an host plant.

JCR 18/02/2004

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