Adesmia (Oteroscelopsis) dilatata (Klug, 1830)
and ssp. tripolitana Reitter, 1916 = affinis Heyden
Adesmia dilatata


Distribution: Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Sinai.
Tripolitania, Cyrenaica, Fazzan.

A. dilatata dilatata (upper left picture); Fazzan: Takarkiba, 11/01/2003; Awbari, 12/10/2002. Syrtica: Ajdabiya, 07/08/2004.

A. dilatata tripolitana (upper right and below) is common in spring in Tripolitania, wandering in the grass during the day. Less common in fall and winter. The live species was found in Jabal Nefusah 50 km south of Gharyan by a chilly morning under a stone. It quickly adopted its characteric defensive attitude. Tarhunah, 29/09/2001; Mizdah, 05/01/2002; Abu Zayyan (Gharyan), 16/12/2001; Yafran, 16/12/2001; Al Aziziyah, 28/03/2003; Melitah, 28/02/2004; Khabta, 22/11/2002.

JCR 25/12/2003

Adesmia dilatata
Adesmia dilatata