Adesmia (Adesmia) montana (Klug, 1930)
ssp. acervata (Klug, 1930) {= klugi Solier = biskrensis Lucas, 1844}, ssp. hamadae Koch, 1937, ssp. recticollis Peyerhimhoff
Adesmia montana

Distribution: Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Sinai, Syria, Arabia, Iran.
Tripolitania, Cyrenaica and Fazzan.

Fazzan (left and two firsts below): one of the most common beetles in the Akakus and Messak where it can be found active even in winter, mixed with A. cothurna montisatri. Wadi Tarzueli (Maghidet), 21/02/2002; East Akakus, 21/10/2001; Wadi Tilizaghen (Messak Sattafet) 11/01/2003; Wadi Barjuj (Messak Sattafet), 07/01/2003. Wadi I-n-Haggaren (Messak Sattafet), 05/01/2003.

Cyrenaica (right and third below): desertic environment south of Jabal Ackdar. East of Al Makhili, 18/04/2003; south of Al Qubbah, 18/04/2003.
Not seen in Tripolitania in the Jaffarah Plain, along the shore or in the north of Jabal Nefusah, cited however from Hamada al Hamra (Mellini and Fiori, 1954).

Bottom picture from Cyrenaica (area of Makhili), two other pictures and prepared specimen from wadi Tlizaghen (Messak Settafet, Fazzan).

JCR 25/12/2003

Adesmia montana
Adesmia montana
Adesmia montana