unlike the rest of Libya exhibits Mediterranean forests in the Green Mountains (Jabal al Ackdar). 1000 km away of Tunisia and 400 km south of Crete it is a relict of the formerly more extensive Mediterranean domain with its typical species. The lush vegetation of Jabal Ackdar occupies a rather thin strip from the coast to the summits (700-900 m) of the uplifted plateau. Southwards, eastwards (after Darnah, in Marmarica) and westwards (before Binghazi) the situation gets back to a normal boring desert.

Jabal al Ackdar receives up to 500 mm of rain per year. It is composed of a serie of broad uplifted terraces (the lowest ones being extensively cultivated), incised by canyons (the largest being Wadi Cuf).

Depicted habitats:
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The coastal terrace near Susah

Mediterranean forest near Ra's al Hilal

Wadi al Kuf

Flowing wadis: Wadi Darnah, Wadi Bel Gadir

The south of the Jabal